The goal of this game is to clear three peaks before you run out of moves.

You need to place (by clicking) higher or lower card than the main one. Example: you have 6 so you can place 8 or 7, color does not matter. So the game can go on like this: 6-7-8-7-6-5.

If you do not have any more cards to place click on the deck to get the new main card.

Joker strongly increases ability to pass to the next level, so use it wisely.

There is no timer so you can think as long as you want, no rush.

The points. For every card that is still in the deck you get 3 points, for joker - 10. Clicking on the deck you get -3 (minus). For every card you place, you get the value of it's number in the chain, so for the first you get 1, for the second you get 2 and so on. For every level you get the number of that level.

Good luck!