The goal of this game is to clear your deck before your opponent does.

You have six cards in you hand. There are four cards in the middle row. You have to pick one card from you hand and put it in the middle. The arrows below the cards in the middle row show if you should put higher (up) or lower (down) cards. Example if you have 5 of spades and arrow is up you need to place 6, any color will do.

Diamonds change the directions of the arrows. Jokers can be put on any card and any card can be put on jokers. You need to place Ace on the King. And Two on the Ace (or in reverse if arrow is down).

If you click on the deck in the middle row, the cards will changes, so before click be sure that you put all cards you can from the hand. You can only click on the middle deck if you see yellow glow. Glow appears only then your opponent does not have any cards to place from his hand to the middle.

The points You get a point for every card you place. You get level*10 for every level you pass. You can get additional points if you manage to place two (three and so on) cards of the same color in the row.

In NePo mode you get a full deck and four jokers. In RanDom mode you get random cards. Theoretically you can get all cards the same like ten of diamonds, so this mode is harder.